Okay okay chill it's not a mediagoblin instance as i first had planned because the server i planned running it on broke and i didn't have the time nor energy to fix it, so i use this as my own personal website.

Where is the navbar?

I didn't inlude a navigation menu because i don't see the need for one, it would take extra time/energy, it would add code (and code complexity) and a little slower load time.

No ads

This site don't have ads and will never get ads, i personally don't like ads and don't want to push them upon other poeple, i write this site and all the pages and fucnctions in vim in my spare time, which i do for free to have my own peace of internet property and of cause because i like to make and operate this site.


The only form of donations i accept is via TRX (Tron) you can donate to this adress:



I don't have ANY! tracking elements on my entire site. Because i don't track anything on the site i don't know how many if any reads the "Articles" i write or if anyone visits the site for any other reason, so if you want feel free to contact me about anything by the mail found on the Homepage and please give me constructive criticism.


All content made by me/the site is hereby licensed under the CC0 license also known as Public Domain, which means you can use all our orginal content for any purpose you might want, there might be some copyrighted object on the site that we don't own and therefore can't license, but if i post a copyrighted object in an article i will post my source and creator and assume fair use. This is my personal site also used for personal stuff like temporary file sharing, so if you do a wget -r or something similair and there is any images, videos, pdf etc. i can't tell you their license!