Dissenter - The Holy Grail of Online Commenting

"The Comment Section of the Internet"

Gab's new platform Dissenter is a new online commenting platform, that will allow you to comment on any site on the entire internet without censor as long as what you say is within the law. People comment on everything from Wikipedia pages to Facebook posts without having to worry about some asshole deleting your comments because he don't share the same opinions as you or because he thinks what you said was offensive.

Dissenter was relised February 24, 2019 and already has a suprising amount of users debating and commenting all over the internet! Although Gab and Dissenters userbase is mainly populated by the right wing supporters there is still a big amount of left wing supporters contrary to the main media claims that Dissenter and Gab is platforms for the alt right only, which is a big lie that i thought deserved to be said.

It's strongly recommended to install their browser extension, thats avaible for all mayor browsers, and gives you the ability to comment and read comments by the click of a button. When you hit the Dissenter extension button it comes with a popup in the top right corner of your browser where you can post, comment and qoute as much as your heath contents.

Some of the comments on BBC's homepage was

"Look at us being all sneaky and using free speech without the lefty plebs knowing. :D"

"Look up Tommy Robinsons documentary about the BBC"

"This is so liberating! I feel FREEEEEEEEEE. Thanks gab. Pure genius. I hope this catches up and puts some tech tyrants out of market. Spread it like butter."

Personally i think Dissenter is a great platform, that i hope really catches on and becomes the main way of commenting on the Internet.

I also recommend you to use Dissender to comment on my website and my articles, as i don't have a comment section and won't add one, plus this way i'm not even able to censor you even if i wanted :).

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