The virgin soydev vs the chad minimalist

Have you ever wondered why it takes more system resources today to load a small website than an entire operating system, it was never like that before we started using javascript frameworks like bootstrap on every fucking website, even many small simple sites use javascript frameworks, but why?

It's because of the Soydev that's more worried about small decorations than having a functional site, i mean try and look at this site it's light as f**k it only weighs 3,4 kb (most of that is the image in the beginning of this page) and is perfectly viewable in any browser, try and run this site on netscape navigator, w3m, dillo, IE8 or any other fucking web browser that will load html and it will look mostly the same with the exception that it may not display the image in w3m depending on your configuration.

But it's happening because it's easier to write in in a JavaScript framework if you want the same look as a template and some people even think html is too hard to learn so they use sites like wordpress or wix which generates terrible code, is very heavy which makes the site slower and takes more of your precious system resources!

Every website on the World Wide Web should be viewable without javascript, and if they require javascript the least they could do is to license that javascript with a free software license See the javascript trap so we know what we are running on our own systems!

This goes way beyond the depths of the web! Many people are running windows 10 which running idle is using more than 1 GB of ram, 1 GB! Why does an operating system have to use that many resources, my void gnu/linux installation uses about 40 MB of ram without the GUI (Graphical user interface) and about 100-200 MB idle with a gui. Gui applications in general aren't minimalistic and use way more recourse's than a terminal program that could do the same exact thing faster. see for good minimalist programs.

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