Why you should use the terminal!

The terminal in a unix enviroment, that including GNU/linux, BSD and others, is a fantastic utility which all users should have the joy of using (or at least trying). Many people say the terminal is something you need to use in GNU/Linux, which is a myth you don't need to use it for anything, you could easily do everything a regular user might want straight from the gui, but the terminal is however something which you should try in and use whenever possible.

I will even provide a small list of reasons to use it.

  • It's lightweight
  • It's extendable
  • It's productive
  • It's faster (in most cases)
  • Less code complexity
  • You can make scripts to automate things for you
  • You can provide copy paste commands to people instead of trying to guide them through a GUI

    I personally use the terminal most of the time, i use it for web browsing (most of the time), making and editing documents using LaTeX/Markdown/Groff and vim, i browse my file system, edit files, do basic image editing, and even create this website all from the terminal.

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